Protocol In Golf

The Protocol In Golf, Tips That Should Not Be Missed

No selfies, no background noise, no fuss when the players are concentrated in the field. This sport can be a show, but always under some rules. By Isabel Gómez

Whatever they say, the word “exclusivity” has always hovered around the spheres in which golf plays. Either by the fields, by the clubs, by the dress or, even, by the big businesses that have closed playing some games.

The origin was always somewhat confusing, although the data trace its birth in Scotland in the fifteenth century, where it reached such a boom that King James II was forced to promulgate a record in 1457 that limits its practice to prevent people from he will play during the time they had to dedicate to training archery (it is the first written document in which golf is referenced). However, the law was not very successful.

Her granddaughter Maria, later Maria I Stardom, took this pastime to France, where she was educated. His assistants on the golf course were known as cadets; a term that was later adopted in Scotland and England and became a caddy or caddy. And finally, the first reference to golf dates from 1552, in the historic town of St. Andrews.

It is imperative that when a player goes to perform a swing, silence prevails. Do not forget that concentration must be maximum at that time and must take precedence over other things. A bad shot of the golfer can cause a lost ball and hurt the people who are in the vicinity of the field.

Loss of exclusivity

On the other hand, if there is something echoed by the many fans of this sport, is that with the fashion of selfish, there are many fields that have lost the exclusivity that for many years have been carved. It is true that golf tourism is fashionable and that elitism that once reigned begins to be absent. However, it is still considered a specific education to request a photograph with the players.

The dressing

The regulation says that you must wear a sporty golf shoe. Men have to wear polo shirts with collar and sports pants; jeans are forbidden. Women must also wear polo shirts with a necklace and cannot wear low-cut clothing. It is also forbidden to wear jeans. Now they have improved the fabrics and production techniques of golf clothing, increasingly thin, although it warms up like the previous ones, in the case of winter clothes, and if it is summer, the fabrics are fragile and breathable, so that the person who carries it does not pass heat.