Golf Course

Tips For The Optimal Use Of Our Golf Course

From the maintenance department of the golf course, we want to remember the importance and the responsibility that the player has to maintain the field in the best conditions. In this sense, the repair of bites, replacement of chops and raking of bunkers are essential to achieving this goal and are closely related to the game itself.

The two parameters that matter most when evaluating the quality of green are the uniformity of the 18 greens and rolling of the ball on them. These two parameters are closely related to the existing shafts in the greens, hence the importance of their repair.

With the replacement of chops, the same thing happens with the pits, since a well-repaired chop will have a recovery of only a few days, while if it is not replaced, it will take weeks for it to recover. Last but not least is raking the bunkers.

Let’s be respectful with the player that comes behind us, and that our enjoyment of the field does not depend on our bad habits but our quality as a player.